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MAANA kamo
The silence within

Inspired by the beauty and spirituality of Kyoto, Maana Kamo is designed to expand our minds and highlight the importance of silence within.

Blurring the lines between art and architecture, the house is an expression of what austere harmony feels like to us. The juxtaposition between old and new is a delicate balance reflecting Kyoto’s unique culture today.


The beauty and soul of a traditional Japanese townhome is in its structural elements. Constructed a decade ago with simple quality materials like wood and clay, its sturdy structure is built to last for generations, unlike modern Japanese homes.

This house was in a neglected condition lined with vinyl wallcoverings, tile ceilings and broken floorboards; they were removed to reveal its original wood beam and clay wall construction. Preserving and highlighting the house’s imperfectly aged beauty was the backbone of our design philosophy.

Interior Design

Muted and seamless, the purpose of the house is to silence the noise within ourselves. A tranquil place for contemplation, created by designing visually quiet spaces.

The seamless, open kitchen is fully equipped with appliances hidden in plain sight. The kitchen island is handcrafted with Urushi—a traditional Japanese wood lacquering technique that protects the wood from water.

A dramatically oversized indoor bathtub is the heart of the house, an ode to the importance of self care and reflection.

Decorative elements are kept to a minimum. Rather, antiques and artisanal crafts that reflect a humble way of life are scattered around the house.

“to a mind that is still, the whole world surrenders.”
—Lao Tzu